8.11.2019 – New Audi

Yeeeee. Just traded in my old Altima into a Audi Q8!!! It feels so good, but I still love you my Altima 😉

There are 3 cars I was looking into and wasn’t sure which one I really want until I took a test drive for Q8. The cars I was looking are GLC 63s Coupe, Audi Q8, and Porsche Macan. Why not electric like Tesla? Yeah, I get it… I am not a guy like that. Electric cars are the future, I agree with you, but I cant wait for 1 hour in a charging station(maybe more if I need to wait in a line). So I had an appointment with Mercedes yesterday and I took a test drive once I arrive. They didn’t have the coupe version at that point, since they understood me wrong in the email. They had a 43 SUV pulled out and I said it’s fine. The interior is basically the same and the HP is fine to see how it perform.

The acceleration it’s amaaazing. But. the interior is not something I really like, especially the screen. The edge is huuuuge. I am not sure why make something has that big edge, which makes the screen looks small. And I couldn’t wireless connect to Android Auto to the car. I do expect spending that much of money can save me a cord. This is not the case. Pass.

Today, two appointment scheduled. Audi and Porsche. Audi is at 12 and Porsche at 1:30pm. The time I stepped in the Audi and saw the Q8, I wasn’t expecting it to be this big, and got attracted by the front looking. After sitting inside the car, it’s basically the next 2 levels of the GLC. Nice looking and touch screen. Yeah, this is the one. The acceleration is fine, since Q8 is more into luxury instead of performance. I am fine with that.

It’s time to say “maybe next time” to Macan.

It took me 5 hours to purchase the car due to various of reasons. Eventually, my wife and I were so starving and the first stop for the new Audi is a restaurant :).

I like it, it’s right on spot.

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