Farewell .Net. I will miss you

I’ve been a .Net developer for like 5+ years since college and I use .Net in work environment as well. It’s been a looong time using C#. I think it’s a good time to keep rolling my curiosity when I adapted my first programming language(Python) like almost 8 years ago.

A question I’ve keep asking myself, why? Is .Net not good anymore? No, it’s not. It’s still good, but also it’s not ideal for what I am going to do. .Net Core is fast, but it took too much memory in server. I have multiple services hosted in docker in my server, and all services are written in .Net Core. Each instance of service occupied 20 MB to 40 MB of ram just by idling. That’s a little bit to much for me. But that’s not the main reason. The main reason is to kick myself out of my comfort zone and going after something new and robust. Why? I’m a developer.

Go? Rust? C++?

These are languages I am interested in learning but I need to choose one to play with at this moment. C++ might not be a good choice since it’s been there for a while and might be replaced in the future. Nah. Is Rust good for this case? Might be. But it’s a bit too young. Go then. Probably. Let’s go for it for now. We will see if I like it after a month of rewriting my old Rest APIs.

Farewell .Net. I will miss you

6 thoughts on “Farewell .Net. I will miss you”

  1. I noticed you took down your hosted projects. I was wondering if you’d be ok if I forked the iexdotnetwrapper since it doesn’t sound like you’ll be working on it anymore?

      1. Great, I see it.
        My other questions is would you allow me to change the license to something more permissive such as MIT? My understanding of AGPL3 is that it doesn’t include any linking exceptions. Which means any code that uses it, even as a nuget package, would also have to fall under AGPL3, or at least GPL3. Most nuget users probably don’t read the license at all, but I would hate to make a large portion of the users license violators off the bat.

          1. Great, I created the initial fork here https://github.com/vslee/IEXSharp if you’d like to make sure it’s okay with you. I made sure to credit you in both the README.md and LICENSE.md.
            I also tried to preserve all of the commit history from you. Of note, when I view the history in GitHub, it shows you as “ShuffleDATMT”. I’m assuming that’s your GH username? If you’d like me not to show that history, I can it.

          2. It’s all fine by me… The ShuffleDATMT is a name I used before, and I think I removed that account and moved to Gitlab.

            Anyway, yeah, you can do whatever you want and thank you for having my name there.

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